We are beginning with a small corpus (about 178 pieces) shared by the Music Theory Examples by Women (MTEW) project. Their work includes the compilation of excerpts and complete musical compositions by women composers, including women of color. It is used by music theory, history, and performance faculty, and students, as well as secondary music teachers. MTEW has a diverse corpus of music by women from which we can draw, and the data we extract and encode will be made available via their project for greater visibility and reuse.

The list of compositions and composers that will be encoded is drawn from the MTEW project and can be viewed in this spreadsheet. Extracted data will be checked against the score listed in the spreadsheet and can be found as a PDF on the MTEW site. The music documents (PDF files) can also be shared with interested contributors. We will not store the score PDFs in this repository.


Contact us via this form and identify how you would like to contribute. Everyone who contributes to this repository will be acknowledged on the collaborators page. You can also contribute via a pull request in Github.


Ben Parsell and Molly Murdock of the Music Theory Examples by Women project were kind enough to share the music score PDFs that make up this initial corpus.