Session 5 (3/27/2019): Data Visualization


  • Introduction to Data visualization
  • Discuss individual project plans (in pairs and group) Revised Project Proposal - due April 10

Data visualization

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Exercise 1 (20 minutes)

In this exercise you will select one project listed below and answer several questions.

Questions to Consider

  • What is the story that the author(s) appear to be trying to convey?
  • Is the design effective for the story?
  • What is the underlying data source?
  • What goal or research question does this visualization addresses? Is it clear?
  • Is it interactive, if so, how?
  • How was the visualization created? Do you know which software, tools, methods, etc. were used?
  • Is it user-friendly? If not, why and what would you improve?
  • Any other observations?

Exercise 2 (15 minutes)

Consider your own research or pedagogical needs. What type of question(s) or arguments can you make with a spatial visualization? Reflect on these and other questions while drawing or sketching out a dataset, map, or other visualization.

  • What type of data source(s) would you need?
  • Would you create your own data or require an existing dataset?
  • What kind of resources might you need access to?
  • What type of visualization would help you answer this question?
  • What kind of visualization tools might you need?